Table of Contents

Part One

Chapter 1: Early Roots

Charity in the Ancient World
The Reformation, Old England, and the Secularization of Charity

Chapter 2: Across the Pond; the Colonization of America

The Puritans
Separation of Church & State
Struggling to find a place

Part Two

Chapter 3: From Charity to Philanthropy

A new approach
New Players
New Arrivals

Chapter 4: Abstract Philanthropy; Professionalization and the Business of Benevolence

Organized Benevolence
Social Darwinism and the Battle for the Soul of Philanthropy
A New Kind of Religion
The Issue of Taxation

Part Three

Chapter 5: Turbulent Times

World War I
The Great Depression
World War II
Kennedy, Johnson, and the 1960s

Part Four

Chapter 6: The Growth of the Nonprofit Sector

The Government/Nonprofit Partnership.

Chapter 7: The Growth of Advocacy

Early Action and the 501(c)(3)
The Rise of the C(4)s

Chapter 8: Dollars and Sense

The Funding Roller-Coaster
Moving Toward the Market
Clients-as Consumers

Chapter 9: The Outcomes Movement and Performance Measurement

The Nonprofit Side of Measurement
The Management Genome
The Modern Outcomes Movement

10: Demographics & Technology

Age Impacts Giving
The Tick-Tock of Tech